Trendy hairstyle for women over 40 in 2023

hairstyle for women over 40

It’s already 2023, and it’s worth updating your image a little bit. A haircut makes a big difference. By cutting our hair, we get rid of negative energy and leave the past behind.

If you want an update in 2023, here are some fashionable and stylish haircut ideas for women over 40 years old.

Fashion trends for 2023

Long hair will always be in fashion. Beach waves are a thing of the past, and now soft curls are in fashion. With long, wavy hair, you can reveal your sensual and feminine side.

You can make a parting in the middle or trim the bangs. In any case, you will look just great.

If you have thin, damaged hair, it is worth doing curls without heating. It doesn’t take much time, but it still looks great.

Wavy forehead haircut

This haircut is just perfect for those who are tired of their long curls, but also don’t like super short hair. It is very easy to maintain, especially if you curl the strands.

It’s also the perfect choice for women with fine hair. Long strands tend to be weighted down, which is why, they are almost devoid of volume. With a bob hairstyle, you can give your curls a certain dynamism and lighten them.


If you like a more classic and elegant version of the haircut, then the ideal solution would be a bob.

It is a little shorter than the forehead, but it looks fantastic. You can make an asymmetrical haircut as well as a super short bob.

A short hairstyle with baby bangs will look great. It works well for women with an oval face shape. By adding bangs, you can visually make the oval look smaller.


Pixie haircut is bold and sexy. It is just perfect for self-confident women.

You can make such a haircut with baby bangs or stacked on the side. In any case, just a delightful image will turn out.

Pixie emphasizes the features and beautifully frames the face. To achieve a rejuvenating effect, you can dye your hair in a light ash blonde. It helps to create the illusion of smoothing wrinkles.

Layered haircut

Such a hairstyle gives the hair additional volume and dynamics.

However, the owners of thin hair need to use additional products and heat tools for styling. Otherwise, the hair will look flat.

Rejuvenating haircuts

When choosing a haircut, you need to consider a few important rules. It is necessary to choose a haircut strictly individually. If there are facial wrinkles on the forehead, straight bangs should be chosen. To hide the wrinkles help bangs in the form of a semi-circle.

Excellent rejuvenating effect has a haircut pixie with or without bangs. Also a good solution would be a bob or a square bangs. The length of the haircut can be absolutely any. These haircuts are ideal for women with absolutely any type of build.

For women with curvaceous forms, a cascade is ideal. Its great advantage is that it does not require too frequent correction. In addition, it looks voluminous even on thin hair.

Hairstyles for short hair

With the help of short strands you can emphasize the cheekbones and chin.

Excellent looks both asymmetric hairstyles and bob. Much depends on the shape of the face. Short haircuts help to look fresh and young.

On the hair of medium length

A great solution would be layered haircuts, which help to give the strands extra volume.

Such hairstyles do not require too complicated styling. Cascade with bangs will help to hide wrinkles on the forehead and emphasize makeup.

On the long hair

To make long strands look beautiful, the main thing is to choose the right hairstyle. It is important that the hair is not split. You can make a multilayered haircut staircase, make bangs on the side.

This will help to visually reduce the oval of the face, hide the imperfect neck and the neckline. In addition, this is a great way to demonstrate the beauty of the hair.

Haircuts with bangs

With the help of bangs you can hide wrinkles and give a certain elegance to the image. This element is the main component of a rejuvenating look. Properly chosen bangs help to add femininity and attractiveness to the image.

Women with a round shape face should not wear too voluminous bangs or on the contrary, very thin. If the hair is thin, then an excellent solution would be layered bangs.

A good look will be given to a square bangs, a pazh and a bob. All these haircuts are perfectly combined with bangs and are rejuvenating. In addition, they do not require too complicated styling.