5 Short and Long Hairstyles for Square Faces Over 40

Getting the right haircut to style for your face is very important. The wrong hairstyle can make your best features look simpler or even hide them. While the right hairstyle will support those best and most beautiful face features you have, helping them to stand out even more.

Each face shape has its own benefits, which you definitely shouldn’t hide. Thus, picking the right haircut is very important as it is going to frame your face and the appearance in general. Following the trends doesn’t mean getting what you need. It is about what suits you more or less.

For a lot of women, one of the most difficult face shapes becomes a square one. Why? It is hard to answer, but so many people find it too difficult to pick those perfect hairstyles for square faces over 40 particularly. So, let’s have a look what might fit you best if you’re a mature woman.

Top 5 Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Many women consider a square face shape is the hardest one for picking the right haircut. They think most trendy hairstyles don’t go with those strong features of a square face. This shape has sharp angles in the forehead and jaw areas.

How to frame your square face if you’re 40 or older? Will all of those young and trendy hairstyles fit you too?

  • Pixie. You’re completely wrong if you consider it to be a hairstyle for oval face shaped girls under 20. A pixie is a great haircut for those over 40 with sharp square faces. Pixie will soften those sharp corners of your face and will make it look rounder.
  • Long curls. As you have already understood, you need something to soften the features of your face to make it look rounder. A long haircut with soft Hollywood curls will do it great.
  • A layered haircut. No matter whether you have long or medium hair. The same way, no matter how old or young you are. It seems like layered hairstyles suit almost every woman. You should control the length of the hair only. For a square shape, it is not recommended to go too short with a haircut. A long bob is probably not for you.
  • A sideways fringe. A fringe is going not only to soften the features of the face but also to make you look 5-6 years younger. This will make your face look more oval.
  • Full bangs. One more great idea for a square face is to go for a full bang, which is shorter in the middle and rounds out on the sides. It gives an illusion of a more oval face and looks very chic and romantic. And do not go for shorter haircuts even with a bang. Keep your hair long, so it will soften the corners of the jaw.

If you still don’t believe that all of these hairstyles can perfectly go with the strong features of a square face, think about the hairstyles Emily Deschanel, Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, and Katie Holmes have. All of these celebs have the same face shape as you.